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5 Manager Lessons I Learned This Week.

15 May
  1. Do not call a testy visitor a ‘douche bag’ in front of your staff or supervisor.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, mutter it under your breath.
  2. Keep your shoulders down.
    In places of high stress and activity, your staff and your customers are looking for stability, the comfort of a  touch stone. When you’re anxious, your body is tempted to raise its shoulders. Pull them down and two things will happen: your mind will chill out a little and people will come to you for comfort. I did this and the results were startling.
  3. Create an Agenda Bin.
    You’ve started late and time is running away from you. You realize that one topic of the five-item agenda is taking half of the time! Last week, I got impatient and verbally closed the thing down. This week, I realized the topic’s importance and drew a bin on the white board, putting the  topic inside. I checked in with everyone and offered to make it the main discussion of the next meeting. My co-workers felt heard and the meeting moved along.
  4. Take a sick day.
    ((cough)) I’ve been sick for NINE days!  Instead of exhibiting how hardcore I am, my supervisors were irritated I wasn’t taking care of myself. It also didn’t help when I tried to disguise my sickness in nice clothes. Bronchial coughs and mini-skirts are not cute.
  5. Act your values
    I went to a leadership development workshop on Tuesday and learned that the people you work with look for consistency and integrity. Often what you say you value doesn’t come out in the things you do. I’m going to write down what I truly value in a manager and make sure I do actions this week that back those things up.