2. Be Willing.

20 Jul

And I am ushered into a new place, somewhere where I can throw away this scarecrow and be expectant of a new way of living. Willingness. 

Being willing is similar to hope–except that, instead of a optimism in the ridiculous, it’s the very impulse that allows us to do, well anything like trying or risking or loving or receiving love from others.  For me, this looks like the willingness to believe a slower model of work is possible and equally productive. To be willing to believe that my staff is good and that our members don’t wake up every day with the intention to devour as many “free” resources of The Commons as they possibly can before they sit down and save the world with their business plan. The willingness to say ‘no’ and ‘yes’ and that something will intercede on my behalf.

I want to be willing to believe.

And for now, I want to stay right there. It’s important to stop striving for a second–never underestimate the time for perspective.

Until the morning, I pick my up clothes, throw away the fast food box. Instead of gmail, I read by my window.


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