Power Struggle. The Finale (or at least we hope).

22 May

Authoritative suicide? No. Not like I thought  it was going to be.

What happened was a sincere conversation about how Adrian felt like my attitude had changed towards him since I stepped the Head Host position a month ago. He felt like I was talking at him and he wanted to talk with me. That’s why he had done that action in the beginning of the conversation! He was mimicking me. Brutal.

He wanted to say he loved me and had a lot of respect for me but he had to mention that the way I spoke made him feel like a servant, not a partner. I listened with eyes open, having fast revelations of past behavior and the actions on my part that supported them. I told him I had mistakenly thought he was being a self-absorbed asshole.

It was my communication that had sabotaged the very results I was looking for. I wanted the name of the television jerks who’d been showing children that management was barking orders. “I won’t do it again,” I promised and he wiped the comment away with the shake of his dark curls.

Like a champ, I started tearing (!), and walked away to distract myself. “Are you okay?” he spoke after me.  I heard the clinking of porcelain, Adrian putting up the dishes, as I scooped water onto my face. I took note. Management lesson #1: When your co-worker confronts you, don’t cry, you ninny. You’ll lose your street cred.

This is what this blog is about. I have got to learn tons of things if I want to keep this job and become the person I want to be. Like, well, business, would be a good place to start, but also what it means to thrive and excel in a strange environment.

What does any of this crap actually mean? Social enterprise. Co-working. Co-Management. And how do you do any of this stuff well?

Send the girl. She should be able to find out.


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