Power Struggle. Part two.

13 May

“Come here,” he waved and I distrusted him immediately. He’s using his pretty face to break the tiny power I have left! If I go over there, I’ll lose everything.

“I’m just going to stand here with my hands on my hips, thanks.”
“When did this become a hierarchical thing?”
“What are you talking about? You’re the one who wants to fight!”
“I’m not fighting. Come here.”

This is a GAME and you’re losing, kid, I thought as I tried to decide my next move. He is good. He is verrrry good. What I thought was a joke in the beginning was maybe not a joke now; there was something serious about his sta–why is he not moving?! I felt absolutely ridiculous standing there like Napoleon Bonaparte.

The dictator. Not the curly, blonde kid.

What if this IS a power play, I fall into this trap and I get stuck cleaning everything by myself from now on! Mr. Adrian, I have no interest in being power-bitch, actually. I need your help and you are abandoning me. My inside head voices are really getting yappey at this point. Victory Plan of Action: I’ll start to hurling flaming balls of post-its and run.  I will go out epically before they fire me for being ineffective. He was unmoved. And because I had no idea what to do, I broke ground. I walked over there because I was never good at winning things anyway.


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