Power Struggle. Part One.

11 May

“I need your help now.”

I placed a hand on Adrian’s back gingerly because I felt that if I used a soft hand on his shoulder, an intimate gesture, instead of stumbling over and asserting my orders like I usually did, maybe he’d actually help me. Over the past few weeks, he had turned icy to me and I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t do any of the things I asked. This was my dude, Adrian and I were great, I was practically in love with him; I knew just as much as anyone that he was hyper-driven to get his company off of the ground. Doing this hosting position was cramping his 60-hour workweek, I was sure, but “look”, I said to myself, “if he wants access to this space for free, he has to be staff and he has to do shit.”

He turned and looked up at me squinting. He stood up, 5” inches on me in height, and pointed to the ground. “You! Come here now.” I threw him are-you-crazy? look and he laughed but didn’t follow me to the kitchen like I thought he would. I tried to figure out what he was doing this time, what way he’d think of trying to weasel out of hosting duties this time and I absentmindedly put my hands on my hips while I peered at him across the room.

A stand-down.


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