10 May

Fuck. Now I’ve got to figure out how to turn the tables on this situation.

My friend Kate is a genius, almost so much so, she rushes to catch up with her words. She helped me form some questions to help guide myself through this rapid transition, because the learning curve is steep–wall steep–and if I don’t watch myself, I will get hurt.

A pair of personal guiding questions kept relatively constant can help you figure out if you are getting the best of your job or if your job is getting the better of you.

A sticky note on my laptop (4/4/2011):

  1. How do I maintain/realize my aspiration to be grace and peace in the midst of co-working chaos?
  2. How do I learn at my edge? What is my learning edge to push my professional development? How do I recognize and play to my strengths and learn to delegate my weaknesses?
  3.  How do I take care of myself in an entity that isn’t structured to take care of me?
  4. How can I structure my learning in this job so that it advances my long-term aspirations to work in international development and continue my education?

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